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Porcelain Floral Momsicle Funnel Neck

Porcelain Floral Momsicle Funnel Neck

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Introducing our Momsicle Gold Funnel Neck Hoodie, the ultimate expression of a mother's dedication and love. This cozy gold hoodie features a stylish funnel neck design for added warmth and comfort.

What sets this hoodie apart is the elegant blue and white floral print, forming the word "Momsicle" on the front. Underneath, a heartfelt definition reads, "One who sits at the field/rink and freezes for the love of her child." It's a touching tribute to the selflessness and unwavering support of mothers who brave the elements to cheer on their little ones.

Wrap yourself in warmth and love with this unique Momsicle hoodie, perfect for chilly game days or any occasion when you want to celebrate the incredible bond between mothers and their children. Show your appreciation for the Momsicles in your life with this stylish and heartfelt garment.

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