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Men's Small Bathroom Bundle

Men's Small Bathroom Bundle

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This men’s bathroom bundle comes already stuffed with an array of just-in-case products you or a guest at your wedding/reception might need, in order to avoid any mini emergencies.

Our Bathroom kit is available in 2 different bundle sizes, Small and Large

Product brands may vary due to the availability of the product.

Shipping Disclaimer: We do our best to make sure the product gets to you in the best condition. We heat shrink each basket to help the contents stay in place. Unfortunately, sometimes the contents do get shook around during shipping and might need to be fixed slightly upon receiving.

***The Small Bundle is available in a 9″ x 7″ Open Top – Handled Tray.

~The SMALL Bundle Includes~
– Deodorant Spray
– Band-Aid Pack
– Lint Roller
– Mini Mouthwash
– Mixed Personal Care
– Antibacterial Wipe
– Shout Wipe
– 3 Dude Wipes
– 3 Black Combs
– 5 Flosser picks
– 2 Advil Packs & 1 Tylenol Pack
– 2 Antacid Packs
– 2 Throat/cough drops
– Facial Tissue Pack
– Sheer bag with 5 Safety Pins
– 3 Thank You Mints
– 10 Mints

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