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4in Trident Decal

4in Trident Decal

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Show your Gaylord Blue Devil pride with the 4-inch Trident Decal, available in navy, gold, or white. This compact yet bold decal is the ideal way to display your school spirit on your car, laptop, water bottle, or any other favorite surface. Let your colors shine and celebrate your Gaylord pride with this eye-catching decal.

The laminated Decal is able to be placed inside or outside without having to worry about fading or the weather affecting the appearance. 


Laminated Decal Details


This decal is made of outdoor professional quality vinyl. It is removable, but not reusable. 

Works well on – Walls, Glass, Plastic, Tile, Metal, Painted wood (after 3 months) and other smooth services. 

Transfer tape/Application Mask will be on each decal ordered that has separate pieces, for an easy transfer.


1. Clean surface area where the decal will be applied with alcohol and water.

2. Adhere the extra strip of application mask on top of your decal, to establish exact location.

3. Measure location to make sure decal is center and straight (measure from the actual decal, not the paper backing. It is not guaranteed that the paper will be straight).

4. Slowly remove the paper backing, starting with the top, while smoothing the decal side to side with a scraper or credit card.

5. Apply the decal to your surface and smooth (again) with a credit card.

6. Remove the application mask carefully. Some areas may need scraped down again.

**When placing the decal on a vehicle, try to place out of the way of the vehicle wipers. Wiper blade use over a decal can lift edges causing moisture to get underneath and lift/ruin your decal. 

You will be provided with these instructions also in your package, and a small sample vinyl decal to practice the application with.  

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